solar panels

Rescue those in fuel poverty

As a housing association, you work tirelessly to keep your residents safe, but you can’t control their energy supplier’s pricing. That is, until now. With the Fuel Poverty Model, you have the opportunity to create significant savings for your community, whilst meeting your energy efficiency objectives.

  • Expert installers bring residents online

    Whether you’ve got panels or not, our installation teams will get your residents set up with the proper solar equipment, including batteries. We’ll then connect them to our service.

  • We handle billing for qualifying properties

    All tenant liaison can be handled by us, we can even bill them directly, or under your terms as a comfort payment. This removes any unnecessary complications and allows us to deal with any customer queries quickly and efficiently for you.

  • Your excess solar helps to heat homes

    Instead of applying your grid services revenue as a credit to you, we can socialise the savings across your residents' homes. This lowers their energy bills even further than just having solar and battery storage alone, and helps to keep them from fuel poverty.

woman smiling

Make a real difference

By offering a greater reduction in energy costs, your residents won’t feel pressured to skip meals in order to stay warm. This goes beyond your commitment to improving their EPC ratings, and demonstrates to the wider community that you’re serious about ending the heat or eat epidemic. To find out more, contact a member of the team.