solar panels

Improve lives and deliver ROI

Whilst there are many options available to increase EPC rating and reduce fuel poverty, creating the best financial proposition can be a challenge. With our Economic Model, that’s easy. As well as focusing on driving down costs, we can provide you with valuable SAP points and a financial return simultaneously. Pair our service with solar tech and not only will you help to end heat or eat, you’ll generate a positive internal rate of return.

  • We sort the setup

    As well as installing and commissioning our solar and battery technologies in your properties, we can take care of everything from tenant liaison and long-term maintenance, to billing and customer support.

  • Bespoke billing options

    As an Ofgem-approved dual fuel energy supplier, we can simplify things for your internal team and your tenants by billing your residents for their energy and Power Purchase Agreement. With options including comfort payments, direct customer billing and whitelabelling, we can create the optimal billing solution for your fleet.

  • You enjoy a cash-generative asset

    Any excess energy from your residents’ solar panels is stored in the solar batteries that are paired with our service. The excess that isn’t used in the home can be sold back to the grid and utilised to perform high-value demand response services autonomously, providing regular income over the course of your system’s lifespan.


Help residents with renewable energy

We’re counting on you to help us heat homes for less. Through solar panels and batteries, we intend to brighten the lives of your most vulnerable residents, and reward you for doing so. Not only does our service promise a better life for your tenants, it ensures you make the best possible returns in your EPC upgrade process thanks to our ingenuitive software and the latest technology. To find out how we can help residents with solar energy, contact Social Energy online.