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Social Housing

Heat or and eat

Tenants in social housing face the same energy bills as everyone else. For some, this means
choosing between
heating their home or not going hungry. This needs to stop. That’s why
we’re helping social landlords reduce fuel poverty by supplying eco-friendly energy
solutions that reduce energy bills and increase EPC ratings.

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Our Models

  • solar panels

    Economic Model

    We sync solar batteries to new or existing solar panels on your fleet. The power stored will supplement grid-supplied energy, lowering costs for your tenants who we’ll bill directly (at a lower rate) through a PPA on your behalf. Using our unique grid-balancing technology, we autonomously generate additional revenue from each property, which provides an enhanced financial return on the assets you deploy.

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    Fuel Poverty Model

    This works in the same way as the Economic Model, except instead of charging a PPA to the tenant, they have free access to the generated and stored solar energy, significantly reducing their energy bills. Grid services revenue from trading energy through their battery systems can also accrue to the tenant, to reduce their bills, or be distributed across a group of tenants to provide more communal benefits. Our fuel poverty model is ideal for social landlords needing to improve the living standards of a wider group of residents.

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    Funded Model

    Not all landlords can afford the upfront cost of deploying energy efficiency measures, despite their ability to generate a strong internal rate of return. That’s why our third model allows us to pay for the entire process, increasing the EPC ratings of your residents’ homes at no cost to you. We PPA the generation from the solar system and charge the tenant a below-market rate, so they still save and we capture the grid services benefits from the system to repay our investment.

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