social energy hub

Social Energy Hub

Pairing your solar battery system with the Social Energy Hub grants you access to even more savings as we optimise your battery. Using smart software, our clever little box monitors when and how you use your solar energy, so we can get you the best savings from the solar you don't use.

Social Energy Hub

With the Social Energy Hub, we automatically optimise how and when your energy is stored, used and sold, giving you total peace of mind that you’re getting the best saving from your system, effortlessly.

social energy hub

Save more

Having our technology monitor your solar usage and savings isn’t just convenient. It means we’re able to optimise your energy profile, making you even more savings!

Integrates with all of our solar batteries

Whichever of our approved energy storage products you use, the Social Energy Hub can connect to it and deliver you the best rates, savings and service.

Save for longer

We optimise your savings further by monitoring your battery’s temperature, state of charge and overall condition. This means we balance out financial reward vs long-term performance, so you know we won't 'overdo it' with your battery.

Adapts to your use

Our technology creates a unique energy fingerprint for every user. From there it monitors your usage and automatically adjusts energy optimisation, helping us to deliver you the best bespoke savings.

social energy hub

What we do

What they do

Increase the returns from your solar batteries

Our smart little box predicts your behavior and uses that knowledge to decide the best times to use or sell your excess energy. You can then get paid for the energy you export to the grid as long as you have set up an export tariff with your chosen SEG provider.

Leave you in the dark

Having panels and batteries is only half the battle. Without a smart solution like ours, you can't optimise energy in your home and so can’t control when excess energy is released.

Get paid more with our grid service scheme

By combining your solar panels and batteries with our Social Energy Hub, you have exclusive access to support the national grid. We then pass on your savings for working with a group of batteries to help make sure the grid runs smoothly.

Pay you for your export

Although Social Energy wont sell your exported energy for you - you can set up an export tariff with one of the other SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) providers out there and get paid for that on top of the monthly credits from us.

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A world of energy at your fingertips

Most home renewable systems don’t play well together, meaning you’re stuck with an app for solar, another for your battery and yet another for your energy account. But not with the Social Energy Hub! We combine everything you’d get from these three apps into one slick solution, so you can track your savings, performance and new lower bills with high-resolution data feeds.