Black Solar Panels

All Black Solar Panels

Through our extensive network of approved installers, you can get the latest solar panel technology. Not only will these products deliver green energy savings, they’re also fully compatible with our Better Together energy plan.

All Black Solar Panels

Have your panels installed by a Social Energy-approved partner, along with a battery and our Social Energy Hub. Our installer community share the same values we do – generously rewarding adopters of solar power and equipping them with the best technology available.

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I am very happy with the installation and after care of my solar panels. I love the fact that when the sun shines I am making money.

Angela Philips Knight
Black Solar Panels

Lower energy bills

By combining solar panels, batteries and our money-saving energy plan, you’re set to enjoy an average 70% reduction* in your electricity costs, verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

Expert installation

Our nationwide community means we’re able to find an installer who’s local to you, and who’ll excel in delivering expert advice and a friendly service.

Stylish design options

With options including frameless design and in-roof installation, our partners are capable of creating a sleek aesthetic that would win over even a solar panel agnostic.

25-year performance guarantee

An investment built to last, our approved installers will typically use panels covered by a minimum 25-year performance guarantee.

Black Solar Panels

What we do

What they do

Leverage our installer community

Thanks to the connections we’ve created with local installers and solar energy experts, we ensure you get cutting-edge solar power technology from suppliers near you.

No network of expertise

If an energy provider doesn’t supply a list of approved installers that means you have to pick an expert yourself. And for most homeowners, it’s risky to invest in someone you don’t trust.

Make the most of your solar

The solar panels provided by our approved installers are entirely compatible with our approved batteries and Social Energy Hub, helping you optimise your energy and savings.

Reduce your saving potential

Without a Social Energy-connected system, you’ll miss out on our 20p solar tariff. That means you’ll be limited to selling the excess solar energy that you don’t use or store, for a much lower rate.