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Is It Possible to Avoid Rising Energy Costs?

Is It Possible to Avoid Rising Energy Costs?
Joel Dowson
Avoid Rising Energy Costs

In February 2018 the UK was struck by a renegade child from the Arctic known as the Beast from the East. This frost monster engulfed the UK in freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall which ultimately caused a surge in the need for energy, pushing wholesale prices to reach new heights.

Those heights are about to be dwarfed by the coming skyrocket for energy prices in the UK this October. Energy consultants, Cornwall Insight predict Ofgem’s price cap to significantly increase, resulting in household energy bills facing an additional £100. Ofgem originally introduced a price cap in 2019 to protect consumers from unfair tariffs. This cap is reviewed twice a year and the official announcement for October’s cap will come in August, so if you’ve been thinking about investing in renewable energy – now would be a good time to relieve that sting of those soaring energy bills.

The MCS show that a solar system with battery storage, can save the average household around 70% on their annual bill. That’s not even including the extra saving Social Energy provide their customers.

Without going into detail, Social Energy can do some really cleaver stuff with their customers energy, giving them back control despite the current volatile wholesale energy market.

This volatility is partly due to a chilly European winter and of course the impact of Coronavirus causing people to be spending more time at home. But also, and perhaps more unexpectedly, apparent failure from aging power stations causing a clamber for power that led to prices being boosted.

Just another reason for people to put their trust in, which one could describe as a pretty powerful energy source, that has been around for over 4 billion years… (the sun – just in case that wasn’t clear).

The sun has been powering this planet long before and ever since humans have been around so it would make sense to follow in mother earths footsteps and take advantage of all that brilliant brightness!

Those that are ahead of the game and saving with Social Energy are sailing off into the sunset with savings over £600 per year. Leaving easterly beasts, viruses, and old-fashioned power stations impact on the energy market – inconsequential.

If you don’t have any solar panels or a battery then of course there is always the classic consolation comment that if you switch, you will save money – which of course may be true. Realistically we’re only talking savings of double digits here and not the triple digits that Social Energy can save for you.

So, if investing in renewables is still a consideration for you – don’t waste any more time. See how much you could save using our calculator.

Alternatively, speak to us directly to get all the advice you need – we have a catalogue of high-quality installers on hand ready to sort you out with all the equipment you need to avoid those price hikes, save you a tone of money and contribute to making this planet a greener one.

Don’t just switch energy, change it.