How it works

We thought homeowners weren’t earning enough for their green energy, so we decided to change the system.
Now, renewable has never been so rewarding.

How Social Energy: Solar Power Works
solar panels on roof
  • Install solar panels Generate solar energy to reduce electricity bills through an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Store excess energy Use a battery to hold the energy you aren’t using.
  • Power your home Run your home with the 100% clean energy you’ve generated day and night.
  • Choose Social Energy Your autonomous system will make the decisions that are most beneficial for you. We don't earn if you're not earning!
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    It’s that easy…

    From helping make sure you understand the system you have purchased right through to battery analytics, our team are experts in helping you offset your carbon footprint and save money.

    Not installed your panels yet? Not a problem. The road to renewable energy is shorter than you might think.

  • Savings with Solar Energy

    Whilst we can't provide you with a quote right now, you can contact us at [email protected] with your details if you would like us to get in touch as soon as that changes.

  • Tailored System

    Get your solar panels and battery installed by local experts

  • Solar Panels and Battery

    Start saving money by running appliances with solar power day and night

  • Your biggest saving is through the free energy your panels generate but you can increase your savings by supporting the grid with Social Energy at the same time.

  • Access to Green Energy

    Change to Social Energy for grid service payments and access to our app - this will allow you to monitor your system.

  • Sell Extra Energy To The Grid

    Sell your excess power to a SEG provider to top up your earnings even more!