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Fact Vs Fiction: What’s stopping you from changing to solar energy?

Fact Vs Fiction: What’s stopping you from changing to solar energy?
Chileshe Mubanga
New World of Social Energy

As the world continues to shift to a greener environment, more and more people are starting to explore viable solutions to save our planet. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, but some people are still lost in a sea of myths surrounding solar. Could these 5 common misconceptions change your mind about solar energy?

You can’t use solar energy during the winter months

Solar panels are more effective on a clear sunny day yes, but did you know that solar panels only need light to work? So even on the cloudiest days, they still produce electricity.

You don’t need energy storage to see the full benefits of solar

Not necessarily true. In fact, having storage allows you to save a lot more money and get the most out of your solar. With storage, you’ll be able to store solar energy that’s generated during the day to power your home at night, further reducing your bills.

Solar panels can’t supply energy 24/7 and you’re left stranded at night

Unless you have chosen to be completely independent, you’re still connected to the grid. This allows you to still draw energy when you have additional demand. However, to keep your costs low you can combine your solar panels with a storage battery which means that any excess energy generated during the day can be stored for later use during the night.

It won’t make any difference to the environment

With your own solar and battery system you can power your home and day and night using green energy. You rely less on the old oil and gas emissions that are causing climate change, and with solar and battery solutions you can generate renewable power for your home and the grid.

Solar is expensive to install and won’t save you money

As traditional energy costs continue to rise, solar technology is improving and getting better making it much more affordable. Furthermore, using the Social Energy Better Together tariff allows you to rapidly reduce your energy bills in return lets you pay off your solar system at a much quicker pace.