Solar Panels

Self-consumption co-optimisation

Businesses used to be restricted either to using the excess energy of their solar batteries, or selling it. Now they can do both. With our extensive range of solar batteries and other technology, you can power your premises with green energy and sell the excess for additional returns.

  • Reduce your emissions

    Every business has a commitment to corporate social responsibility – it’s even why some employees choose to work for you, and some customers choose to buy from you! In most cases, a company's CSR revolves around investing in our global future. By lowering your carbon footprint through solar panels and batteries, you can do just that.

  • Save money on your electricity bill

    The less power you take from the grid, the lower your energy bill will be. And by combining our service with solar batteries you can maximise the amount of energy you save. Our technology monitors your usage and automatically uses excess power at key times.

  • Sell your excess solar power

    But not all of your energy needs to power your premises. There are considerable returns for businesses that sell their excess back to the grid through valuable grid services. A process that’s made much easier with Social Energy.

Self-consumption co-optimisation

Virtual compartmentalisation

Commercial organisations see solar batteries as single purpose and limited in terms of potential savings. But with Social Energy, companies like yours can get the best of both worlds.

Our software lets you optimise the amount of solar energy you use and maximise the amount you can sell, generating additional revenue through valuable flexibility services. As a result, you’re able to secure the biggest possible return on your investment and remain true to your CSR commitments.

To find out how your business could get the best possible return on your investment, contact the experts at Social Energy.