Eco-Friendly Solar Battery Storage Systems

Frequency Response

Get access to the breadth of National Grid’s flexible products with Social Energy. Our team help asset owners, generators and business energy users to optimise their returns through the provision of frequency response services. As well as identifying and automatically responding to opportunities to create new revenue, and minimising your power costs.

  • Apply our insights

    The Social Energy service tailors our contracting and optimisation strategy to match the operational needs and risk profile of your business.

  • Review your performance

    Access performance data through our online customer portal. From here, you can gain real-time insights into your asset’s frequency activity and see financial benefits of participation in the flexibility market.

  • Manage your generation

    Our experts are best placed to walk you through your performance and suggest ways to scale up your operation.

Frequency Response

Future frequency response services

We’ll ensure that your assets remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape of future response and services.

Last year NGESO began launching a suite of newly designed response products, starting with Dynamic Containment, which will be followed by two additional companion services, Dynamic Moderation and Dynamic Regulation. New services will also replace existing ones as part of Reserve Reform – and with Social Energy as your partner, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared to capitalise on future revenue opportunities.

Learn how frequency response services can help your business by contacting us online.