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Constraint Zone Management

A Constraint Management Zone (CMZ) is a local geographic region of the electricity network where there’s a risk that, at certain periods, the capacity of the network will be exceeded. This could be due to local increases in peak demand from clustering of EV charge points or heat pumps, or the connection of solar and wind generation.

Network operators are faced with the prospect of upgrading network infrastructure (cables and transformers) whilst dealing with uncertainty around where upgrades are needed. To manage this risk, electricity network operators pay for flexibility services (such as demand side response) from users of the network, like you.

  • Still provide supply

    Our VPP seamlessly optimises the delivery of CMZ flexibility services from your assets alongside our other balancing and energy services, so you achieve the best possible returns.

  • Defer infrastructure costs

    Where your site is located within a CMZ, we can optimise your assets to provide flexibility services to the network operator, by transparently turning up or down demand when instructed. This way, you can benefit from an additional revenue stream, and the network operator is able to defer the costly and uncertain investment decisions from upgrading their network. Everyone’s a winner.

  • Further grow our network

    From our commercial network’s perspective, the more areas we support on behalf of your organisation, the more leverage we have in the market to secure bids and improve performance.

Constraint Zone Management

An emerging market

With the increasing electrification of heating, and the electric car revolution accelerating rapidly, it’s expected that network operators will face more of these decisions in the future.

For us, we’re looking forward to the challenge. Why? Because this will be one of the greatest opportunities to expand our network. The more we can help you to access these markets, the better we’re able to plug gaps in large-scale tenders and maximise the size of assets we bid into the market.

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