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Capacity Market

The Capacity Market is a mechanism to ensure the security of electricity supply by providing a fixed payment (£/kW/year) for reliable sources of capacity. Providers bid for capacity agreements and holders must deliver their capacity during periods of system stress. We can support your business to prequalify your assets for the CM and bid for contracts in CM auctions. And, by dispatching your assets when required, we can maximise your revenue too.

  • Pass strict requirements

    The Capacity Market has a set of tests all participants must pass to demonstrate they’ll protect National Grid and ensure delivery of power. Our experience working with regulatory bodies on CM developments means we can support you in your trading application.

  • Rely on our expertise

    We’re always on hand to discuss your current performance and suggest strategies for improving your return. And thanks to our customer portal, you can access additional, up-to-the minute insights.

  • Join a network of asset owners

    Our portfolio of CM submissions is bursting with businesses and generators competing with major industry powerhouses. It’s this experience that enables us to tailor our support to you.

Capacity Market

The rules of the market

New-build generators can apply for a 15-year contract in the T-14 auction. Existing generators, or those able to reduce demand, can apply for a one-year contract in the T-1 auction. The price for both is determined by supply and demand, plus an annual auction hosted by National Grid.

Fail to deliver the load obligation and you’ll face penalties. But with our support, you can protect yourself from any contractual damage and compete more effectively in the bidding process.

Want to participate in the capacity market? Contact Social Energy today.