solar panels

Balancing Mechanism

With our support, assets of all generations and wattage can operate in the BM market. And through our virtual power plant, we directly control third-party assets to capitalise on half-hourly wholesale prices and participate, minute by minute, in the sector. The result? Better returns on your investment.

  • Compete with power plants

    Part of our service is to win as many bids as possible for our network. And with backcasting and insight-led bid optimisation, we can maximise your assets' revenue in the Balancing Mechanism, to outperform even experienced asset holders.

  • Forecast your generation

    Our in-depth reporting lets us offer comprehensive financial modeling support. This way, you can forecast your earnings and plan cashflow for future investments accordingly.

  • Benefit from a consultative approach

    We’re always on hand to discuss your current performance and suggest strategies for improving your return. And thanks to our customer portal, you can access additional, up-to-the minute insights.

Balancing Mechanism

We win together

At Social Energy, we work to extract the highest potential value from your deployed asset. This means that we’re never just focusing on one revenue stream, instead we’ll utilise your energy storage in the Balancing Mechanism when it’s most profitable to do so.

We use our state-of-the-art energy analytics platform to forecast the optimal times to bid into the BM, whilst co-optimising your assets to deliver other demand-side services.

Find out if our BM service is the right solution for your enterprise by getting in touch online.