Strategic asset management

If you’re an organisation with a front-of-meter storage asset, or are looking at new ways to remain within grid constraints, we can deliver a solution with outstanding returns on your investment. Thanks to a team of expert consultants, you’ll be able to choose from a range of megawatt-scale solutions complemented with leading demand response technology.

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  • Leverage our expertise

    Whether paired with on-site solar generation, or used as a standalone asset, your energy storage system will be under the watchful eyes of our storage optimisation experts. Our team work around the clock to continuously improve the algorithms that back our trading strategies, to maximise the revenues generated by your assets.

  • Get greater returns

    Thanks to our collaborative approach and innovative technology (developed by our very own team), we make sure you’re both storing and trading excess energy at optimum times. Thereby maximising your profit and sustaining the benefit of your batteries.

  • Scale accordingly

    As your investment grows, you may want to increase your investment in providing flexibility. Not only can we facilitate this, we’re able to supply you with batteries up to 10MW. And for any large-scale projects beyond that, we offer a fully managed service.

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Outperform the market

With our various services and comprehensive understanding of the trading market we’re able to unlock the potential of your front-of-meter asset. Whether that’s through Frequency Response or the Balancing Mechanism, we’ll adopt the approach that’s right for you. 

Having installed over 6,500 residential energy storage systems, we’re now connecting our market-dominating domestic technology with commercial-scale systems, creating the world’s most agile virtual power plant. The result? Synchronised and controlled assets from 3kW all the way to 100MW+, each delivering leading financial returns.

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