Specialist trading solutions

Operating a project above 10MW? Our virtual power plant can help. Leave your investment in our hands and we’ll leverage our expertise and varied fleet of on-site metered systems to plug gaps in large-scale tenders and optimise the size of assets we bid into the market, to meet National Grid requirements. With us, you can outperform the competition and enjoy consistent, forecastable returns.

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  • Access world-leading technology

    Our Levelise team developed our machine learning cloud optimisation service at Oxford Science Park. This technology facilitates the aggregation and grid trading operation of multi-megawatts of batteries in week-ahead and month-ahead auctions.

  • Tap into a variety of energy markets

    We offer a range of services that outperform some of energy’s biggest names. From frequency response contracts through to Balancing Mechanism entry, we co-optimise your asset to provide the most valuable services at any one time, to create leading returns.

  • Earn consistent returns

    Through our extensive market performance analysis we can forecast the returns you’re expected to get from your investment, with a high level of confidence, protecting its economic security and allowing you to scale up.

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Keep your assets ready for the future

Whilst securing consistently leading revenues from your installed assets, our team make it a priority to ensure that your assets are ready and qualified for emerging services within the demand response market.

As key voices within the flexibility market, our management team are at the forefront of industry developments, helping to shape the future outlook of the market, alongside fellow titans of the sector. With this level of insight, you can rest assured that your assets will be fully prepared to create long term returns, as the market continually changes.

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