SME solar and battery storage

A successful business needs to be socially responsible. Your interaction with the wider world matters to both your audience and employees. That’s why SMEs are increasingly adopting eco-friendly energy solutions like solar panels and batteries. Not only does this help you take that first green step, it opens you up to economic reward.

solar panels
  • Strengthen your CSR

    To be seen as a force for good, you need to protect the future. And by lowering your carbon emissions you can do exactly that. Whether you’ve already got on-site solar or not, our team can maximise your savings and further reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Save money on your energy bills

    The less energy you take from the grid, the cheaper your electricity bills will be. Social Energy consultants demonstrate how the combination of solar panels, batteries and our service delivers the biggest possible savings to your business.

  • Access untapped markets

    With our advanced grid services technology, we automatically trade the excess energy within your battery storage system to generate additional revenue, whilst allowing you to continue to use stored energy. What’s more, you can trade it at a competitive rate and net your organisation's additional earnings on top of core business profits.

solar panels

An all-in-one solution

Our technology presents an alternative to fossil fuels, minimises reliance on the grid and grants access to the lucrative world of renewable trading. That’s not all. Solar batteries are smarter when connected to the Social Energy community. With us, a solar investment is not only likely to last longer, it’s also covered under warranty should the worst happen.

SMEs can benefit from our relationship with suppliers and approved installers too. This network allows us to support businesses nationwide with a range of products. So, when you speak to one of our consultants, you’ll be walked through a range of options to help us identify the best setup to maximise your return.

Want to talk to an expert about how SME solar and battery storage could benefit your business? Contact Social Energy today.