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Welcome To the New World of Social Energy

Welcome To the New World of Social Energy
Chileshe Mubanga
Welcome To the New World of Social Energy

Designing A New Look for Social Energy, Inspired by the Community

28th June 2021 is marked as one of the most important dates in our history books because we got a brand-new look and launched our Better Together tariff.

What was the challenge?

The biggest challenge we faced was having a unified brand identity that represented everything we do as a company. Our current brand didn’t quite get the right balance between being a smart energy tech company and an energy utility company. About a year ago, the team took a step back to analyse our brand and see if it reflected who we are as a business. The quick answer was no, and this called for a major change.

How did we tackle it?

We gathered feedback from external parties including our customers, business partners, agencies, and other key stakeholders within the business to come up with comprehensive feedback to take our brand to the next level.

What we learned

The general consensus was that our current brand lacked an identity, integrity and our website wasn’t fit for purpose. Nothing was off-limits when it came to rebuilding the brand, we weren’t afraid to strip everything back and start from scratch as long as we got it right.

So, what has changed?

In short, everything except for our name has changed. The change reflects where we are and where we’d like to go as a business.

Social Energy Rebrands

New Visual Identity

Our new colour pallet is much brighter and more vibrant, giving us the flexibility to be a lot more fun, approachable, and personal! The new logo represents the 3 key elements that make up Social Energy: People, Power and Together.

People, Power, Together

New Website

A brand-new website that is a lot more resourceful and has all you need to know about Social Energy. It’s a lot easier to navigate around and we’ve made it a lot more interactive.

New Offering

As part of our review, it was important for us to keep the amazing innovative technology that sets us apart from our competitors, whilst maintaining a balance of what our technology means to our customers. This formed our ‘Better Together‘ feed-in tariff which is the market-leading tariff in both the UK and Australia.


We are here to stay, and we want everyone in the world to know about us. Our new brand is all about togetherness and people feeling like they are part of a community. So welcome to the new Social Energy community, we know you’ll love it here.
Abbie Moakes, Creative Lead

It’s a very exciting time for Social Energy, not only have we changed our look and feel, but we’ve heavily invested in new tools and systems that will provide a more streamlined communication system with all of our customers.