Homeowners 9th September 2021

Transform your Humble Abode into a Green Efficient Home

Transform your Humble Abode into a Green Efficient Home
John Bottomley
Solar House Scene

Next time you are thinking about making some DIY changes to your home you should also consider how you could also make your home greener. But even before you get to the DIY you can start the transformation by making some changes to your habits which could contribute to your new green home.

Here is a list of some of the ways to save energy consumption in your home:

Take back control and generate your own energy

Change to solar energy. Solar panels and battery storage allow you to create your own power plant and you can then work on how to effectively use your appliances.

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Invest in a smart meter

Smart meters can help you budget as well as act as a reminder to turn lights and appliances off, plus think more about your habits. You can view your usage whenever you like. Smart meters show what energy you are using in pounds and pence.

Efficient upgrades

When working through home improvements think about the efficiency of isolation in lofts, doors, windows as well as designing the latest new look of your home. Things like curtains, draft excluders, and shutters play their part in keeping the energy you want in the home.

Clean regularly 

Keep radiators and back of fridges clear and dust-free. Also, switch items off at the wall when they are not in use.

Open a window

Instead of using a fan or air-con, why not crack a window open? Everyone loves fresh air breezing into the house, right? Opening a window can save energy as well as prevent condensation.

Set your thermostat a little lower

Just turn it down a little bit. Small efforts like this make such a difference and can save energy!

Switch to LED bulbs

They are more efficient than incandescent lightbulbs, last longer, and can actually provide more natural-looking light.