• Why does my system need approval?

    A few checks need to be done before your solar system goes live.

    1.     Once your system is installed, we need to connect it to the grid. The process can be quite complex, which is why we do it on your behalf and start this process before installation.

    2.     It’s important to us that you have a reliable solar system.  So even before we release our stock to your installer, we have all of your hardware systems validated to ensure meet the industry standard.

    3.     We need to make sure that your property is ready and viable for installation, this is one of the reasons why we request for photos from you. Our tech team review everything and decide of how to best install your system.

  • How has lockdown impacted my installation?

    As we come out of COVID-19 lockdowns, we do have some backlogs in different areas of the country due to the high demand for our money saving systems whilst our install team were unable to operate. If your installation is expected to be significantly delayed, we’ll be in touch with you to discuss a suitable installation date.

  • Do you require any more information from me?

    Our process is tailored to your journey. At this stage, we may require further details from you to further help with our tech review. But if you have already completed these, we won’t need anything else from you. If we do, one of our team will be in touch with you.

  • Should I start changing my energy retailer now?

    Not just yet, but you’ll be able to change to us soon once your new Social Energy system is installed if you’re installing a battery from us. As soon as your system is connected, we’ll start getting you changed over so that you can get the best savings from our Better Together energy plan.