SolaX Triple Power Battery

SolaX and Social Energy are a match made in heaven. Together, we pair great quality hardware with leading energy saving software, at fantastic prices. And not only are they affordable, the SolaX Triple Power system allows you to connect up to three batteries together, so you can find the right size for your home.

SolaX Triple Power Battery

An affordable alternative to the big expensive brands, SolaX is pushing boundaries by making solar batteries more accessible. But don’t let their price fool you, with Social Energy’s full 10-year warranty, and capacity to join up to three batteries together, it’s the perfect entry point to make more savings with your solar power.

Truspilot 5 Stars

We got a 5.8 kwh battery installed by Infinity Renewables. A key factor in agreeing this course of action was the warranty on the battery, which appears to be the best available.

Martin Drew

Lower energy bills

Link your solar panels and SolaX Triple Power Battery with Social Energy’s service, and reduce your bills to as little as $0*

10-year warranty

Pair your SolaX batteries with our Social Energy Hub and you’ll get a fully comprehensive 10-year warranty, protecting your green investment and giving you total peace of mind.

External or internal placement

Whether you prefer to have your energy storage system outside or conveniently located in the home – SolaX batteries can be installed according to your preferences.

Easy to scale

SolaX’s 5.8kWh battery system comes in three configurations, up to 17.4kWh. With this ability to easily connect batteries, homes of all sizes are catered for, for both single phase and three phase homes.


What we do

What they do

Protect your savings from the Australian weather

Thanks to SolaX’s wider temperature tolerance and our smart battery management, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re better protected against intense heat and violent storms alike, meaning your savings can last longer.

Don’t provide local support

In the rare case that something goes wrong, you want to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone in Australia. With many suppliers this simply isn’t possible.

Manage over 4,000 SolaX batteries

Social Energy has over 4,000 SolaX batteries connected to our Better Together tariff. With our vast experience, we manage their batteries more efficiently, which is why our customers are entitled to a full 10-year warranty.

Pay you much less

Other suppliers offer around 10c per unit for your solar feed-in. But thanks to our partnership with SolaX, you can sell us your excess energy for 4 X the average value.

Social Energy App

A world of energy at your fingertips

Most home renewable systems don’t play well together, meaning you’re stuck with an app for solar, another for your battery and yet another for your energy account. But not with the Social Energy Hub! We combine everything you’d get from these three apps into one slick solution, so you can track your savings, performance and new lower bills.