Social Energy Backup Unit

Social Energy Backup Unit

Contrary to popular belief, having a solar battery doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected from blackouts. Just like your home, most batteries would cut out leaving you in the dark. But not with the Social Energy Backup Unit. Our smart power protection box connects seamlessly to your solar battery, and enables it to power up your home even when the electricity goes down.

Social Energy Backup Unit

Reducing your reliance on the grid isn’t just about saving you money, it gives you the power to keep your house connected even during a blackout. Link our Backup Unit with your solar battery and let your stored excess electricity bring your home to life.

Social Energy Backup Unit

Seamless connectivity

Provided you opt for one of our new Backup compatible solar batteries, the Backup Unit can harness the energy within and keep your home lit up in times of total darkness.

Optimum power

By partnering with Social Energy, your battery will normally have stored the necessary solar to power your whole home.

Three-year warranty

Like our batteries, the Backup Unit comes with a comprehensive Australian support backed warranty, so you can have total peace of mind when it comes to your setup.

Rapid switchover

The moment your house is affected by a blackout, our Backup Unit isolates the property and kicks into gear – meaning you won’t be required to manually change a thing.

Social Energy Backup Unit

What we do

What they do

Power your home – no exceptions

Our backup removes the worry of damage caused by a blackout. Whether that’s as simple as food defrosting or losing internet connection in a vital Zoom call.

No blackout coverage

Not all batteries shelter you from the storm. That’s why it pays to work with a provider who can keep you covered during bad weather or blackouts.

Surge prevention

Due to the quick switchover, power surges won’t occur that could prove catastrophic to your appliances and valuables.

Low-quality warranty

Other providers aren’t able to offer any real protection that they can stand behind. So you won’t know if you’re protected from a blackout until it happens, leaving your home at risk.