Pand Powerfree

In the market for a truly green way to store your solar? This ultra-affordable solar battery is the ideal introduction to eco-friendly technology. The Pand Powerfree uses high-quality, reconditioned battery cells from electric cars, delivering a recycled and renewable alternative to powering your home – entirely covered under a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Pand Powerfree

Green energy doesn’t need to be expensive. At least not with Pand. By breathing new life into electric car batteries, Pand are cutting out manufacturing emissions and delivering a solar battery that matches the quality of its competitors, for a fraction of the price.


Save up to 100% on energy*

Combine your panels and a Pand Powerfree battery with Social Energy, and you can reduce your bills to as little as $0*.


With this innovative addition to the solar battery market, eco-friendly energy has never been more accessible.

10-year warranty

Don’t be fooled by its low cost – the Pand Powerfree is a high-performing solar battery. And with its 10-year warranty, your eco-investment is still protected.

Reduced carbon footprint

By reconditioning electric car batteries into high-performing solar energy storage systems, Pand are cutting out manufacturing emissions, keeping your home as eco-friendly as possible.


What we do

What they do

Reliable and renewable

These devices are proven to reward your eco-friendly investment. They even take it one step greener by using repurposed electric car batteries.

Emission-heavy manufacturing

There’s no getting around it. Pand aside, most methods of producing lithium battery storage systems create significant carbon emissions.

Greater savings from you solar batteries

The Pand Powerfree integrates seamlessly with the Social Energy Better Together tariff, allowing you to sell your excess energy for 4 X the average rate.

Only pay the standard rate

While other providers offer around 10c per unit for the solar you don’t use, our relationship with Pand means users can sell their excess energy for quadruple the price*.