Duracell Energy Bank

Duracell Energy Bank 2

Power your appliances with a household name. This pioneering battery, available exclusively from Social Energy, brings together the expertise of the iconic Duracell brand, with the cutting edge technology developed by our team of solar battery experts, to give you the best savings for the long term.

Duracell Energy Bank 2

As market leaders in alkaline batteries, speciality cells and rechargeables, Duracell are looking to shake up the solar space too. See the difference they could make in your home with the Duracell Energy Bank 2 and get great value from a brand you trust.

Truspilot 5 Stars

It’s the second time I’ve purchased a Solar Power system and this one was all singing & dancing with the bells & whistles added. I purchased a 6.21 KWh system with smart battery (3 KWh capacity - Duracell) - panels 345w. On day one, the system made 7 KWh (not a bright sunny day), battery recharged, fed back into grid, plus house demand covered by SP system.

Duracell Energy Bank

Why Choose a Duracell Solar Battery?

$0 energy bills*

Connect your solar panels and Duracell Energy Bank 2 to Social Energy, and reduce your bills by up to 100%*. You could even get a negative bill, where we pay you!

Sizes to suit you

Batteries should match your energy requirements. If not, they’ll restrict the amount you save or outweigh the benefit of buying one. That’s why our Duracell solar batteries range in capacity from 7.2 to 14.4kWh, so you can get the right system to efficiently power your home.

10-year warranty

Don’t worry about bad weather or breakdown, all Social Energy customers are protected by Social Energy's 10-year, 6,000-cycle warranty on our Duracell units, meaning your savings are protected for years to come, all backed by dedicated Australian support.

Social Energy inside

Your Duracell battery built-in partnership with Social Energy already includes our smart technology, giving you access to our Better Together 40c feed-in tariff with no extra hardware.

Duracell Energy Bank

What we do

What they do

Make your solar last longer

With up to 14.4kWh capacity, 90% depth of discharge and overvoltage protection, our customers have total peace of mind that their stored solar power is safe, secure and money saving.

Cost you more in future

When it comes to choosing a solar power battery, you get what you pay for. A lesser-known brand may not be as efficient, or reliable when you need it most, costing you much more in the long run.

Guaranteed extra savings

Our service doesn’t just complement batteries, it optimises them. While others can store solar and power your home at night, ours cost-effectively manages the flow of energy, to make going green more profitable for you, with Social Energy optimisation onboard. We’ll even guarantee you a credit back each year on top of your solar battery savings.

Only pay the standard rate

Other energy retailers only offer a tiny rate for the solar you don’t use or store in your battery, but you can get greater savings from Social Energy with our Duracell battery.  Increase your battery returns on our 40c feed-in tariff for 300kWh per quarter.