black solar panels

All Black Solar Panels

We offer the latest solar panel technology, working with key partners including LG, Sunpower and Jinko, so that you can choose the perfect solar system for your home. Not only will these designer panels deliver green energy savings, they’re also fully compatible with our Better Together tariff.

All Black Solar Panels

Have your panels fitted by our CEC-accredited install teams, along with a premium inverter, high performance battery and our smart Social Energy Hub. Our design consultants will work with you to specify the ideal solar system for your home, making sure you’re well rewarded for adopting solar technology.

Truspilot 5 Stars

I am very happy with the installation and after care of my solar panels. I love the fact that when the sun shines I am making money.

Angela Philips Knight
black solar panels

Lower energy bills

By combining solar panels, batteries and our money-saving energy plan, you’re set to enjoy savings of up to 100%* on your energy bill.

Expert installation

Our CEC-approved installation teams are system experts who’ll excel in delivering professional advice and a friendly service.

Stylish design options

With options including frameless design, in-roof installation and even solar pergolas, our design consultants are capable of creating a sleek aesthetic that would win over even a solar panel agnostic.

25-year performance guarantee

An investment built to last, we choose high quality panels covered by a minimum 25-year performance guarantee.

black solar panels

What we do

What they do

Leverage our CEC-approved installers

Thanks to our unique network of local CEC approved installers, we ensure you get cutting-edge solar power technology installed by the best in the business.

Cheap low value systems

Whilst you may see some pretty incredible prices advertised online for a 6.6kW solar system, the chances are it’s made up of low quality panels, which aren’t built to last. Why would you choose to put unreliable technology on your home?

Make the most of your solar

The solar panel systems we install are entirely compatible with our approved batteries and Social Energy Hub, helping you optimise your energy and savings.

Reduce your saving potential

Without a Social Energy-connected system, you’ll miss out on our 40c feed-in tariff. That means you’ll be limited to selling the excess solar energy that you don’t use or store, for a much lower rate.