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I know what you did last summer……

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We know your secret! You’ve been spending thousands of dollars each year on your energy bills and on Jan 4th, 2020, the hottest day ever you had just about enough. You received a terrifying letter from your energy retailer with one of the highest bills you’ve ever seen, and this is when everything changed.

You decided you no longer want to be paying the greedy energy retailers any more of your hard-earned cash. Instead, you want to be able to stay cool in your own home and treat the kids on a day out to a water theme park.

So, what did you do next? You started frantically searching the web for how to cut your energy bills. And then bang! There it was, blinding your eyes, the bright light beaming through your window. The reason behind your high energy bills last summer but also the hidden secret behind a reduced energy bill! The power of the sun.

You became addicted and started reading about solar and all the benefits that come from it such as a low bill and a greener planet. But you still couldn’t quite make the decision yet because there were a lot of horror stories around whether you should or shouldn’t.

It took a while, but you eventually stumbled across Social Energy. All you had to do was make that first enquiry and everything turned around for you. Could the next bill you open be $0? Is your nightmare finally coming to an end?

Find out how the rest of your story ends by getting in touch with our Solar Battery experts on 1300 326 171.

If you want to know more about the help available, please get in touch with us.

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