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Eliminate your energy costs with solar panels in New South Wales

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Reduce your bills along with your carbon footprint

Are you based in New South Wales and thinking of going solar? Taking the leap towards a greener and cheaper lifestyle has never been more accessible. There are government rebates and incentives available now to homeowners investing in solar PV systems.

With the government’s mission to achieve zero net emissions by 2050, solar power is top of the agenda for Australia – and Social Energy can help homeowners in New South Wales claim these incentives when they make the change.

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Why go solar in NSW?

Now is the time to start investing in a more sustainable future. You could save thousands on your energy costs while saving the planet too! With a solar energy system you could:

  • Achieve Average savings of up to 100% a year on energy costs if you purchase a solar battery to go with your solar panels* – some customers save as much as $4,000+ per year!
  • Qualify for our 40c feed-in tariff, where we pay you 4 x the amount of competitors for your unused solar energy up to 300kWh per quarter, maximising your overall profit
  • Be free from blackout nightmares, with your own home backup system – included FREE with every battery
  • Become less reliant on big energy companies
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
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Rebates and incentives for going solar in NSW

STCs in New South Wales

If you’re a homeowner in NSW, the government offers small-scale technology certificates (STCs) when you install a solar system and these gems can really slash your overall installation costs. How many STCs you are awarded varies depending on the size of your system and your location.

When you choose Social Energy, we cut out the lengthy, complicated process of claiming the STCs yourself. As a CEC-Accredited Solar Retailer, we claim and sell your STCs on your behalf for the best possible price, passing on your savings quickly and directly and at no extra cost. 

On average, the government solar rebate in NSW can save you up to $600 a year/kW of solar panels installed. The amount of these rebates will drop as more people join the scheme, so don’t delay – start saving on your energy bills now!

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What might I expect to pay for my solar PV system after STC rebates in South Australia?

he savings you could get depends on the size of your system, and the number of STCs awarded.* Not sure what an STC is?  It is a small-scale technology certificate that you can claim from the government and exchange with your installer in order to receive a discount on the cost of having a solar system installed.

We simplify the process by claiming the STCs on your behalf and we maximise the credits you receive by designing a bespoke system based on your electricity needs.

You could earn an estimated $3,250 in STCs on an average-sized system in NSW. 

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Get paid 4x more with our 40c feed-in tariff

For homeowners based in New South Wales, when you generate more energy than you use, you have the option to sell that energy back to the grid. We pay you up to 4x more than any other energy provider through our exclusive 40c feed-in tariff for the first 300kWh per quarter (you will get a very competitive rate after that).

You can expect to earn up to $500 more every year by joining Social Energy in NSW.

Our eligible systems include our SolaX Triple Power range paired with the Social Energy Hub, as well as our Duracell Energy Bank ranges which can be purchased through Social Energy. 

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You may be eligible for the 0% interest Empowering Homes Program

For eligible postcodes across New South Wales, the NSW government is providing interest-free loans for homeowners moving to solar, with an extended 10-year warranty. 

With this offer, you can get a loan of up to:

  • $14,000 on solar and battery systems with flexible repayment options (up to 8 years)
  • $9,000 towards adding a battery system to an existing solar PV system with flexible repayment options (up to 10 years)

Am I eligible?

The Empowering Homes solar battery loan is only available in specific regions:

  • Bathurst
  • Blayney
  • Blue Mountains
  • Kempsey
  • Cabonne
  • Dungog
  • Cessnock
  •  Newcastle
  • Singleton
  • Tamworth
  • Walcha
  • Upper Hunter Shire 

You can find out the full details of the eligibility criteria and application process for interest-free loans available in NSW here.

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Areas We Cover

Our solar experts are based across New South Wales to provide solar solutions to all residents.

Some of our most popular areas include: 

  • Sydney
  • Newcastle
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Byron Bay

Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Join the Social Energy Community in New South Wales

Want to maximise your savings and minimise your energy costs? By joining the Social Energy community in New South Wales, you will be helping us on our journey to cut both your spending and emissions.

Going solar is a super-low-maintenance, green way of generating energy. When you have a solar system, you have a chance to exert your energy independence and gain greater control over how you use, store and sell your energy.

Want to see how much you could save by going solar? Try out our handy savings calculator.

We have specialist solar designers and consultants based in NSW and we can help your friends and family across the country save on their bills too, with teams in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Book in for a free consultation to find out more about the solar systems we have to offer. We can advise you on the best bespoke system for your home and help you to start reaping the benefits immediately.

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