Energy Storage

Save more from solar power

Investing in solar panels and batteries is great for going green, but why stop there?
Pairing your setup with Social Energy means you could save up to 100% on your energy bill*

How much could a solar battery save you?

Don’t switch energy, change it

Solar power isn’t just eco-friendly, it saves you money too. By reducing your reliance on the grid, you’re able to power your home at no extra cost. And all it takes are solar panels and a battery system.

But why stop there? With our 40c feed-in tariff, you could earn a minimum of $600 extra per year by selling your excess solar, guaranteed when you install one of our 14.4kWh Duracell Energy Bank batteries – that’s all on top of thousands of dollars of solar energy savings with one of our premium solar and battery packages! 

Sound complicated? Not at all. Our team of solar battery consultants will walk you through each of the options available, whether you’ve already got solar or not. From there, you can start saving in weeks and take advantage of exclusive offers available in August, including $0 down payment plans.

  • We pay 4 X more

    We pay 4 X more

    Where other energy providers typically pay 10c or less per unit for your excess solar, we pay 40c for up to 300kWh every quarter and a great competitive rate thereafter.

  • All-in-one solution

    All-in-one solution

    By combining solar panels, batteries and our Social Energy Better Together tariff, you’re best equipped to secure a $0 energy bill.

  • Exclusive Duracell solar batteries

    Exclusive Duracell solar batteries

    After powering the gadgets in all of our lives for decades, Duracell can now power your home too – with the Duracell Energy Bank 2, only available with Social Energy.

How it works

Purchasing solar panels and battery storage is just the start – you then need to choose the right energy retailer. Change to Social Energy, the energy company built only for homes with solar panels and connected batteries, to get extra returns on your investment.

Here's how to get started
black solar panels

All Black Solar Panels

We offer the latest solar panel technology, working with key partners including LG, Sunpower and Jinko, so that you can choose the perfect solar system for your home. Not only will these designer panels deliver green energy savings, they’re also fully compatible with our Better Together tariff.

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social energy hub

Social Energy Hub

Pairing your solar battery system with the Social Energy Hub grants you access to our 40c feed-in tariff. Using smart software, our clever little box monitors when and how you use your solar energy, so we can get you the best savings from the solar you don't use.

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SolaX Triple Power Battery

SolaX and Social Energy are a match made in heaven. Together, we pair great quality hardware with leading energy saving software, at fantastic prices. And not only are they affordable, the SolaX Triple Power system allows you to connect up to three batteries together, so you can find the right size for your home.

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Duracell Energy Bank

Duracell Energy Bank 2

Power your appliances with a household name. This pioneering battery, available exclusively from Social Energy, brings together the expertise of the iconic Duracell brand, with the cutting edge technology developed by our team of solar battery experts, to give you the best savings for the long term.

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Pand Powerfree

In the market for a truly green way to store your solar? This ultra-affordable solar battery is the ideal introduction to eco-friendly technology. The Pand Powerfree uses high-quality, reconditioned battery cells from electric cars, delivering a recycled and renewable alternative to powering your home – entirely covered under a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

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Social Energy Backup Unit

Social Energy Backup Unit

Contrary to popular belief, having a solar battery doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected from blackouts. Just like your home, most batteries would cut out leaving you in the dark. But not with the Social Energy Backup Unit. Our smart power protection box connects seamlessly to your solar battery, and enables it to power up your home even when the electricity goes down.

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Nikheleshwar Madamsetty

Hassle Free !! Easy energy company to work with and are really good for people with solar systems with the unique grid trading feature for people with a battery linked to their system


Have had solar panels for over a year now and Social Energy have been really good in assisting with any queries I have had. They have recently transferred me over to now exporting to the grid and have not paid an electric bill since. My credit has grown so should cover winter months too, which is great. The Agents are really friendly and helpful, couldn't ask for more

S Jones

Had solar and battery fitted 7 months ago, and I am over the moon with savings. I would tell anyone to join Social Energy today.

Putting the power in your hands

We’ve helped over 6,500 homeowners make massive savings, all while fighting climate change. See what they have to say about Social Energy.

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